Evolve Gallery Rainbow Serpent Festival | photo by : Francesco VicenziArtwork hanging in the Evolve Gallery at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2013 | photo by : Big DoofaAlex Grey & Allyson Grey Australian Book Launch at Eclipse 2012 Festival | photo by Opening Ceremony at the Eclipse2012 Festival | photo by : Solar Eclipse Totality at Eclipse 2012 Festival | photo by : Adam Taylor
Mosaic Vision is an artist touring, events, and publicity company.
Mosaic Vision works with innovative and creative professionals to inspire change and new thought
Mosaic Vision works with people of all walks of life, to spread their message and art.
Mosaic Vision is experienced in Creative Event Management, Artist Management, and Publicity.
Mosaic Vision works with visual artists, festivals, events, musicians, and more

Visionary Art & Event Production

Based Out of Melbourne, Australia